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Alexis moved to Toronto from her hometown of Montreal after accepting her dream job.  Being a new resident to Toronto, and not being familiar with the real estate market, she was eager to find a knowledgeable and trustworthy realtor who understood what she was looking for, and could help her make the right purchase.

She attempted to work with a couple of local realtors, but was disappointed by what she saw and didn't feel like her needs and wants were being heard. Finally, a good friend referred her to Lisa and Lindsay.

Shortly thereafter, Lisa found her a condo that Alexis was really excited about. It had a lot of the features that she was looking for and was close to her partner Charles's place. But she was concerned about whether her bed would fit inside the relatively small bedroom...

"Lisa had a nice suit on … and she laid down on the floor and said ‘Well, I’m about this height and a bed is normally about 7 feet long.’ So she put her hands out and she kind of measured and said, ‘I think you would totally have space to put the bed the way you want it'."

Because Alexis and Charles had disappointing experiences with other realtors in Toronto, Charles was skeptical about Lisa, until he saw that moment.

“I met a few real estate agents but I never saw something like that -- being so casual and so easy to approach,” Charles said. “When I saw that … for me that was so charming.”

Alexis ended up buying that condo, her first official real estate purchase.


Soon Lisa also helped Alexis sell her condo and with Lisa’s help they were able to purchase their first home together -- their fifth transaction with Lisa in just four years.

After helping them buy and sell a total of five properties in only four years, Lisa has become a good friend and a trusted real estate contact to them as well as to many of their friends.

“We get calls from the friends we’ve recommended Lisa and Lindsay to, and they're just really excited to be working with her team. They’re always sharing great experiences, raving about how patient she is. We're so glad to have found her!"

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